My “style” of massage is no one thing, but an amalgam of techniques that I have learned through training, research, experience, interactions, and intuition.  It is not simple, static or repetitive, but instead varies from session to session based on a client’s needs on a given day.

Repeatedly, I am told that I have intuition; a gift; and that in addition to the physical aspect of my work, there are mental, emotional, and energetic elements as well; and that I have truly “found my calling.”  I appreciate all of these comments.

The bottom line for me is that I give a massage the way I want to get a massage.  I never want to be treated like a number, but always like an individual with individual problem areas and individual remedies.  I want firm pressure in the 6-8 range on a 1-10 scale.  Sometimes, when it’s needed, crossing into “good hurt”, but NEVER into “bad “, I don’t believe in it.  Additionally, when I am the client, I want to lead in the conversation when I feel like talking and relax in quiet when I don’t.  To my massage therapist, I would say “Go ahead, untwist my knots, press on my trigger points, drain my lymph nodes, open my meridians, spin my chakras, fluff my karma, enhance my aura, cleanse my energy . . . . whatever . . . . .it’s  cool . . . . Just please make sure it feels good while you’re doing it.”

If a practitioner can do all of this and at the same time keep me feeling safe, comfortable and respected . . . . . I am a happy massage client; and if I can do all of this for my clients, I am a happy massage therapist.


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