Alison Kennedy, RYT

Ayurvedic Treatment


It was through my own difficult struggles with illness that I found yoga. The idea of rebuilding and gaining physical strength, while working symbiotically with mind, spirit and breath, was very appealing.  The invitation to listen to myself, not moving into pain, and take into account my energy, was foreign. I had come from the “No pain, no gain” school of thought, which had been drilled into my brain at a very young age.  This alternative, while unfamiliar, resonated with me on a profound level and was invaluable to me during my recovery from Lyme’s disease. Yoga quickly became a regular part of my weekly routine and stoked a desire to delve deeper into this ancient practice

Initially, I decided to meld my newfound love of yoga with my passion and career experience in early childhood development.  After becoming a certified children’s yoga teacher, I started leading mother and child groups, elementary age classes, as well as children’s birthday parties.  All the while, my own personal practice grew, and with it a wish for more knowledge and experience.

It was through my transformative journey during the 200 hour yoga teacher training that the deeper traditions of yoga were revealed.  The exploration of Meditation, deeper breath-work (Pranayama), and yoga’s philosophies (the Yamas and Niyamas, Yoga Sutras, and the Baghvad Gita) awakened something in me, something that I came to realize had always been there, but that I had never been aware of before now…at least not consciously.

During my studies, I was introduced to Ayurveda, an ancient holistic way of living, and the sister science of yoga. Ayurveda asserts that “we are a microcosm of a macrocosm.”  The entire universe and all its elements exist within our bodies, and it is through the balance of these elements, taking into account our own individual constitution, that we can find and sustain health.  This idea intrigued me and I decided to consult with an Ayurvedic physician, to further help me in my journey to health and wellness.  The practice of Ayurveda has since transformed my life. Its practicality, simplicity, and effectiveness continue to astound me on a daily basis.  Intending to garner more from this age-old holistic system, I immersed myself in trainings, learning the healing arts of Ayurvedic bodywork and attending a 4 weekend intensive with a highly respected Ayurvedic doctor from India, who now practices at Kripalu.  This has only ignited my passion further, and I look forward to a life-long journey of study.

Thus my journey with yoga began, and each day is a new exploration of its tenants. Among many others, Yoga has given me the gift of awareness, the gift of self, and the gift of love. It has helped me to find a new level of health and wellness that incorporates the entire self, body, mind and spirit, which I have never before experienced.  It is my sincere hope and aspiration to sew these same seeds in the minds and hearts of my clients, whether it is through the physical practice of asana (postures), through the stillness of meditation, the movement of breath in pranayama, or the healing arts of Ayurveda.


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