Andrea McCluskey

Symphony of the Cells Treatment


Andrea has always had a deep and abiding connection to the natural world, particularly the plant world.  Andrea began studying medicinal herbs 20 years ago after connecting with her Polish family and ancestors, many of them midwives and “wise women.”  From there she set out on the path, first studying with Kathleen Maier at Dreamtime Center for Herbal Studies and then completing a 9 month apprenticeship in the art, science and ceremony of herbal medicine at Sacred Plant Traditions.  She broadened her study into the aromatic application of plant medicine with Andrea Butje through Aromahead Institute and Evan Sylliaason at the NW School of Aromatic Medicine.

In 2011, Andrea began working with DoTerra Essential Oils.  She resinated with their mission to provide only the highest quality and purest oils, backed by rigorous testing.  Andrea recently completed training with Boyd Truman, creator of “Symphony of the Cells,” an application method of essential oil protocols that target specific body systems.  Andrea is excited to bring this method to Namaste Studios.

What is “Symphony of the Cells?”

“Symphony of the Cells” encompasses 18 essential oil applications designed to create harmony physically, emotionally, and spiritually within the body.  Using pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, each applicaton targets different body systems.  The protocols are tailored to help the body receive the maximum absorption and advantages of the essential oils used.  This focused approach to the symptoms and underlying causes of ailments is designed to help support the body’s natural healing.  “Symphony of the Cells” was created with the knowledge that each condition is connected to a body system. When you receive the application you are treating not only the condition, but the underlying causes.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the natural found in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants.  Essential oils are recognized by our bodies allowing them to be broken down and utilized.  The use of these oils can support the body in returning to it’s natural state of health and assist with the cleansing of unnatural, foreign substances.

What is the method of application?

The essential oils are applied to the back and the feet because of the high volume of nerve endings found in both locations.  These nerve endings allow for easy communication with the rest of the body. When you feed the nerve endings, you are feeding all the different organs and glands of the body.


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