Marc Melcher

I live in beautiful, historic, Frederick with my wonderful wife, two amazing and unique kids, and a menagerie of stray and broken animals. Add massage therapist to this and I often feel like the most fortunate man alive.

Kimberlyn Cahill

Whether on the mat, in an aerial silk, or about town on her bicycle, Kimberlyn serves as a companion guide. With light-hearted humor, a positive attitude, and a smile. Kimberlyn fosters inspiration, self-discovery, and transformation through her coaching and teaching.

Mike Holda

With an intuitive touch and practical knowledge Mike guides his clients into a state of relaxation and repair.  He believes that the best clients are educated clients taking the time to answer questions and give advice on self care techniques. Mike hopes his work helps clients stay healthy and active allowing them to live their best life.  When Mike isn’t in dimly lit massage rooms he enjoys spending time with family, exploring nature on foot, and all things food and beer related.

Erica DiMercurio

To me, massage is an integral part of holistic health.  It is a very effective means for getting in touch with one’s body, mind, spirit, and emotions.  I believe that the root of stress is due to the imbalances within any of these components.  Thus my work attempts to bring awareness and balance to my clients in these areas.

Cheryl Glang

I seek to help others thrive in life by nurturing body, mind, and soul.  My hope is that you step off the meat feeling refreshed, nourished, and balanced.

Jenn Gamertsfelder

To me, massage is a moving meditation, a conscious listening with the hands. The work I do is as powerful and as guided as your call for self-care. I hear from my clients that my touch is very intuitive. I find that to be true, but it can also be described as my hands reading the body and telling me where to go. Always listening.


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