Karissa Love

Reiki Master


I have always felt “called” to a higher purpose.  To love, to teach, to empower others in their search for their authentic truth.  I started my path to Reiki early on, when I was eighteen years old, I began level one Reiki training.  This led me to a place where I began to focus on my own inner work in discovering who I was.  However, I soon realized that external stressors, misaligned relationships, negative self dialog, and unhealthy life patterns hampered my ability to offer healing to myself, much less to others.

Through diving deeper and transforming my own thoughts and how I was treating my mind, body, and spirit, I was able to grow and release all that no longer served me.  I have come to an authentic place of service where I can share the knowledge gained and tools acquired to help others heal.

Reiki sessions are a safe, sacred space, to allow the mind and body to rest. I utilize the healing energy of the universe to guide you in releasing and recycling stagnant and trapped emotions in the energy body.

As a Master Reiki Practitioner and Mind/Body/Spirit wellness advocate, I’m passionate about helping people on their journey toward self-love, finding natural, holistic health solutions, and alignment. I offer intuitive readings and help dive deeper into finding self-care tools and techniques to help aid in releasing all that no longer serves while empowering and calling forth the authentic self. I also offer recommendations on crystals and oils to work with on an energetic level.



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