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As amazing as massage is, it can’t fix everything. For your other needs, Namaste Studios has a stellar team of healers with a panoply of approaches. From ancient medicinal practices to cutting-edge electromagnawave devices, there’s something here for you, and someone here to help.

Alison Kennedy, LMT, RYT

Massage Therapist, Ayurvedic Bodyworker, Yoga Teacher

 I approach my practice as I do my life, showing up to each encounter in the most authentic and honest way possible. I hope that through my work I can help facilitate a journey of self-healing and love for all my Massage and Ayurveda clients as well as my yoga students.

Sue Edwards

Reiki Master and More

I practice Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, EFT Tapping, Time Line Therapy®

Christine Rossomondo

Magnawave PEMF Certified Practitioner

My compassion for people and animals is what motivates me to try to improve their lives. I strive to provide a listening ear, helping hand, and the support that is needed to make my clients’ lives better. As some of my family members say, “One person can’t change the world, but Christine tries.” I have found that providing Magnawave PEMF Therapy has been a great tool in that endeavor.

Lauren Shanklin Fisher

Integrative Health Coach & Intuitive Numerologist 

Combining Lauren’s experience in Integrative Nutrition & Numerology she creates a container for all to feel seen & held exactly as they are. Through her background in yoga, plant-based foods and reiki healing, Lauren helps realign & guide people to remember their ultimate selves through transformational self love & inner child healing. Allow her to activate your being through play, self love and inner healing.


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