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Our 2019 Program begins Saturday March 2, 2019


Whether you are inspired to dive deeper into the study and practice of yoga or feel compelled to share this ancient practice with others as a teacher, Life’sWork Yoga Teacher Training is an enriching, transformational experience. Training with Kimberlyn at Life’sWork Yoga is a growth journey of exploration, investigation and self-inquiry. Life’sWorkYoga Techer training a guided experience to build confidence and competence; and preparation to be a Companion Guide for the practice of yoga for the modern practitioner. Pancha Koshas and Transparent Alignment™ provide the philosophical foundation for this 200-hour Yoga Alliance approved Teacher Training curriculum.
It’s the process as much as the content!


Course Overview:

  • Application and integration of Adult Learning Theory as a student of yoga and a teacher of adult practitioners.
  • Exploration and practice of effective Teaching Methodology, facilitation strategies, techniques and learning tools.
  • Application and integration of Yoga Philosophy (introduction to pancha koshas, transparent alignment, Patanjali’s sutras & ashtanga (8-limbs), vayus, sankya/Ayurveda) into yoga practice, teaching and life.
  • Application and integration of Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology of the three practices of yoga (asana, pranayama and meditation).
  • Overview and analysis of the culture and History of Yoga as both an ancient teaching and a modern practice.
  • Overview and guidance into the Business of Yoga as a profitable, credible, professional practice with integrity and authenticity.
  • 10+ hours of Personal Mentoring and Professional Coaching

Additional Certification credentials earned through Life’sWork YTT-200:

  • 12- hour Aerial BASICS Certification
  • 20-hour Meditation BASICS Certification
  • 20- hour Pranayam BASICS Certification
  • 20-hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga BASICS Certification
  • 20-hour Restorative/Yin Yoga BASICS Certification

Course Dates:

  • NINE training weekends (1st weekend of each month): 8-5:30pm, March 2-3; April 6-7; May 4-5; June 1-2; July 6-7; August 3-4; September 7-8; October 5-6; November 2-3, 2019 and
  • THREE Tuesday Teaching Circles: 6-9pm, August 27; September 25; October 29, 2019.

Payment Options: Includes Limited Yoga Class Membership @ Life’sWork Yoga

  • $3,500 or
  • 12 payments of $350.
Join us for a transformational journey of learning and self-inquiry; 

A guided experience to build Competence and Confidence 

In preparation for becoming a Companion Guide

for the practice of YOGA!


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